I love how a lot of effort goes into protecting patient personal information in healthcare systems in general yet the first thing that happens when going to an appointment is a person from reception repeating everything out loud for everyone around to hear

Doctor: how bad would you say the pain is, on a scale from 1 to 10?

Me: is that linear or logarithmic?

Dear Linux desktop apps, you have full authorization to create a folder in my ~/.config directory, you are even invited to stuff your data in my ~/.local/share directory, and let's not forget about that ~/.cache y'all! Wunderbar! Much freedom!

So, now, please repeat after me:


Thank you kindly

From the guy who runs masto.host via https://ar.al/2022/11/09/is-the-fediverse-about-to-get-fryed-or-why-every-toot-is-also-a-potential-denial-of-service-attack/

For example, let’s look at your birthday post … besides requiring thousands of Sidekiq jobs to spread your post through all their servers (you have 23k followers, let’s assume 3k different servers), as soon as you create the post 3k Sidekiq jobs are created. At your current plan you have 12 Sidekiq threads, so to process 3k jobs it will take a while because it can only deal with 12 at a time.

Then, for each reply you receive to that post, 3K jobs are created, so your followers can see that reply without leaving their server or looking at your profile. Then you reply to the reply you got, another 3K jobs are created and so on. 

If you replied to the 100 replies you got on that post in 10 minutes (and assuming my 3K servers math is right). You created 300K jobs in Sidekiq. That’s why you get those queues.

Strange how much affection we can have towards beasts.

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I have only been on my dog journey for less than two years but my dog is the best dog.

The four stages of Mastodon user:
* what’s a Mastodon
* I feel lost and alone how does this work
* oh wow this is actually pretty cool
* I’m an instance admin now

Top cringe boomer content

Sportball bro dudes

All of my pet peeves

Idiotic TikTok style jokes

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My Facebook feed is now 80% stuff I didn’t ask for.

Well, here I am, at least for a while.

Every time I see news about legislators up in arms about TikTok, I keep thinking, they're going to absolutely shit when they learn about Facebook.

'I am very happy to announce that Red Hat has just hired Lukas Tyrychtr, who is a blind software engineer, to lead our effort in making sure Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Workstation has excellent accessibility support!'


My pet peeve is when journalists refer to Twitter as the Internet because:

1. Regular people rarely use Twitter
2. Technically-inclined people don't prefer Twitter
3. Other social media services, such as Reddit, have as much usage as Twitter
4. Twitter isn't even where most Internet memes are generated

Dear journalists, if you believe Twitter is representative of the Internet, it's because you're stuck in an echo chamber. Get off Twitter. Go use the actual Internet for once.

Pic is relevant.

it's memorial day in the US so if you're learning a language, take advantage of the 2x bonus on memorization and practice some vocabulary today

Working as a developer doesn't mean you're smashing keys on your keyboard for 8 hours straight.

It's thinking, learning, experimenting, communicating, reading, trying, exploring, scribbling, and probably a dozen other things. Then, for just a couple minutes each day, you actually type some code.

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