Someone just emailed me a patch to smithy, and wow, that was the easiest collaboration flow ever

I have mixed emotions about all these new rust cli tools like rg and fd.

On the one hand, they’re fast and ergonomic.

But then, we’re losing fluently with common Linux coreutils.

The question is, should I buy the Planck?

#rust #wayland
I was thinking about these drew devault posts, the one about rust and the one about wayland, and thinking how it feels like he was arguing the same thing on two different sides, and it seems someone else had the same feeling and actually did it :)

My daughter (13y) wanted a LED stripe for Christmas. Instead of something ready4use, I bought her NEOpixel stripe. Gave her Micro:bit and a few wires. She did some coding in Scratch when she was 8y but then had a long pause. I explained to her where each wire should go and guide her to the first light on. Today, it is her second day in a row she is playing with colors, buttons, linear potentiometer, etc. I am SOOO proud.

Is there a nice st alternative for wayland? Both in what it does, and the philosophy.

LOL they really made Drew mad this time!

Are pixelfed instances all private? How can I browse?

Any mobile clients for Pixelfed in the works?

Finally reading the Bitcoin Standard, and nodding a lot.

Apple should straight up ban Facebook from its App Store.

One software freedom that Stallman does not mention is the freedom *not* to use the program because you dislike or don't want it for some reason

Free software tends to be flexible, have clear boundaries, split responsibilities, and replaceable components, thanks in part to openly defined protocols and formats

Proprietary software tends to want to lock you in into their freaking ecosystem, and even if they adopt an open standard, it's a part of an E-E-E strategy

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